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Well! Who doesn't love to have a cake? I love cakes, simply can't control my taste buds when it comes to cakes. Even better when it's home made.

A never ending list of flavours, themes, designs. I just make sure to check the bakeries each time I pass by one. I hope you (if somebody reading this, I wish!) can relate to this.

OK, Enough of my crap! You are here to know about me a bit.

First off, I sincerely thank you for your interest. I mean this.

I am Mehul. I'm a Computer Engineer by profession. That said, my typical day is about having a day job, three hours of commute and then the rest goes for taking care of my family(very essential).That's about it. What left!! Well, not many interesting things about me and that's why I am here.

I have decided to take a serious turn in my life and that'd be to create AN IDEA FACTORY of DOABLE HOMEMADE CAKES for all moms, sisters, aunts, friends and other interested people across the globe.

Not long ago I watched the movie "Julie and Julia". I must say something about the movie touched me. I could relate to Julie. I had always wanted a different life with lots of time for my family and freedom to do something I love. It seems my life is very different from what'd really make me happy.

When I think in that term, I find very few things that really interest me enough to start off. Yeah, I'm a lazy person. I admit that. But cakes are something different. Looking at those wonderfully designed cakes fascinates me. Again the taste doubles up when it is home made. I think you'd agree. If you don't, then just let me know. I've to visit your favourite bakery to get convinced.

So I thought of doing something serious about this. I want to create an idea factory for birthday cakes. Yes, I call it so. If we bake a cake today and keep here,that'll help many others even after few years. And this is not about a perfect cake, it is to try out a cake with a new design. And some of my friends may like those designs and would like to try out themselves. Now that is exciting as well as encouraging.

I need my visitor friends come along with me and help me to build this dream of creating an idea factory of doable homemade cakes. You and I do bake cakes, decorate them for loved ones.It's so much fun.Then why don't you share with me and my other friends. Whoever wants to make one and has slightest of doubt can definitely be encouraged by this.

Actually i am being selfish here; I'll get going by seeing your wonderful cakes. I want to create those beautiful cakes that we see in stores. Want to try out different designs, create different theme cakes that kids would love to have on their birthday. And finally want to convert this to my full time profession in my home town.

I'm not sure if the career change from an engineer to a baker seems a better option. But, I thought of giving it my best of effort. It would solve two purposes. First off, I would be baking cakes (remember I love cakes) and second, somewhere one lovely kid would be celebrating the birthday with my cake. I want to be part of that special day in some way. How wonderful it'd be!

And again if any of our visitor friends can get benefit from this idea factory, then how satisfying it'd be to touch somebody's life.

Even thinking of it makes me excited. Well, I wish if you could share your experience with me and my friends. Do let me know your thoughts and contact me here.

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