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Homemade Animal Cakes - Celebrate with Themed Birthday Cakes

Animal cakes make great kids birthday cake ideas for the younger crowd. I have seen kids mostly ask for cakes of dog or cat shaped.

Kids love to go to zoo, aquarium and they fancy about animal theme birthday parties. If you know what they like, and then it is easy to decide. Once you choose the cake design that you think your kids might enjoy, you can build your birthday party theme around it or vice versa. Nowadays we also get party supplies for themes you prefer. Animal themes are quite popular.

Most of these theme cakes are quite easy to make, if you have the right cake pan. Don't worry if you are not having a cake pan. If you can get the templates ready, then half the work is done there. Cut the pieces as per the template and arrange in order. The key is to put icing on the cake as per the animal design you want to create. Cake decorating is a snap with the right icing tools.

For different animal themed cakes like lion, dragon, dog, cat, monkey etc., we would use variety of cake pans. Mostly the 8/9 inch round cake pan and 7 x 13 inch square pan will do well. Using these you can prepare the cake and cutting will depend on the structure you like.

You will be seeing more animal themed birthday cakes coming in. I will be preparing different themed cakes and share with you.

I would appreciate if you like to share your experience with birthday cake ideas.

There is no limit to creative designs. Your birthday cake ideas can help me and my friends looking for ideas to create a great birthday theme.

Get helpful baking tips and advice on how to make a homemade birthday cake from the people who've made cake themselves.

Browse through our birthday cake submissions from visitors like you. You'll definitely hit upon an idea.

Share your birthday cake ideas for others to enjoy and get inspiration.


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Lion Cakes
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Dragon Cakes

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