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Next to invitations, Baby Shower Cakes seem to be the most daunting task for those planning the event.

Store bought cakes, just don't cut it these days. Many hostesses are thinking outside of the box and making their own creative version of a shower cake.

Some baby shower cakes are edible, and some are not. For example, the baby shower diaper cake. Diaper cakes make a fun, creative shower gift. The Mom-to-be will be forever grateful for the savings of not having to buy so many diapers.

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Bassinet Cake

Bassinet Cake


This bassinet cake was so much fun to make as a baby shower cake.

The base cake is a single layer oval. For the bassinet I used a double layer oval can pan.

I frosted both cakes and the teddy bear face was piped on the top layer cake with two different color browns.

I covered the top of the baby shower bassinet cake with basket weave and ruffles using a ruffle tip.

For the baby, I piped body shape and face, then used star tip (bag filled with white and blue icing to get color variation in blanket) to make a blanket over the baby.

I then piped little fingers over the top edge of the blanket and covered with a basket weave pattern.

Submitted by Prabakaraan (Chennai, Tamilnadu,India)

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