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Beach Cake Designs and Luau Cake Pictures & Ideas

A beach cake is always the most sought after cake design when it comes to planning a Beach theme or Luau themed party. Beach cakes are easy to make and many fun, creative ideas can be added to the cake design to make it unique.

Besides a Luau cake, a Beach birthday cake always adds summer fun to any party. Many teenagers prefer this cake theme for a birthday cake.

You can spice up a pool party with beach party theme ideas, including your own unique beach cake, luau cake or Hawaiian themed cake.

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Beach Party Cake
beach cake
Beach Cake 11

Beach Party Cake


This Beach Cake was fun and easy to make!

I used Duncan Hines cake mix in yellow and added the eggs, oil and water to the cake mix. I know pre-packaged cake mixes are kind of cheating, but it was very easy and saved me a lot of time to make this beach cake.

For the frosting, I did make it myself. I used 3-cups of powdered sugar, 2-tsp. of vanilla and 2-TBS. of water. I mixed it all together until the frosting formed into a creamy mix. I separated the frosting into three different bowls and used food coloring to make the frosting white, blue, and sandy brown.

I spread the brown on the cake for the beach part of the cake, the blue on for the water and added splashes of white to the blue for the breaking waves.

For the boat, I got a toy boat and put a cardboard piece on the bottom for a floor, colored it blue and wrote with magic marker "Happy Birthday."

For the beach towels, we used colored Twizzlers cut up to make small beach towels, and the umbrellas are the cocktail umbrellas. The birds on the straws, you see, were the difficult part.

I made origami birds and taped them to straws so it would look like they were flying over the beach. I also added some Heath Bar crumbles to the brown frosting on the beach party cake to make it look more sandy.

That's it! That's how I made this beach cake. Pretty simple...and my daughter and I had a blast making it!!

Submitted by Andrea Cole (Taylor, Michigan)

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Beach Cake 11


This Beach Cake was made for a Luau themed party for my daughter. I purchased a full sheet cake box from a local grocery store because of the size of this cake.

I baked two 13" x 9" cakes, one yellow, one chocolate, for this cake (slightly bigger than 1/2 sheet cake).

The cake was iced with basic homemade butter cream icing. The blue part of the cake was done with icing airbrush spray that can be purchased in some stores.

The "grass skirt" trim with green colored butter cream icing was piped on the cake. The hibiscus flowers, surf boards and palm trees were all made from Wilton Rolled Fondant. I cut all of those by hand and that took many hours to do, but in the end, my daughter loved her cake, so it was worth it.

I used pretzel rods for the palm tree stumps and secured the tops of the palm trees with double sided tape. Unfortunately, that didn't work too well, but people were already arriving for the party and I wasn't done with the cake yet.

Lastly, the sand for the beach cake is brown sugar, but I'm sure if you don't want to add anymore sweets to a cake that graham cracker crumbs would work just as well.

Submitted by Stacey Oliver (Harding, PA)

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