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Castle Cake 1

by HawaiiJo

Castle Cake

Castle Cake

My daughter said she'd like Daddy to make her a castle cake for her third birthday. I found this castle cake kit online Wilton 301-910 Romantic Castle Cake Set , and thought it looked easy enough. How hard could a "castle kit cake" be to make?

We planned ahead. Two days before the party, we started baking cakes and making flowers (easy enough to do that the soon to be birthday girl even helped--fun like Playdoh). We froze the cakes.

The day before the birthday party, I iced the (still frozen) cakes and put the glitter on all of the areas it needed to be on (roof-tops, around windows, etc...) For a Dad, this birthday cake is very doable.

The princess birthday party was in the evening, so I had time the day of the party to assemble and finish the cake. First, I did rolled fondant on the top only of the base cake, and on the entire second (smaller) cake. After putting on the towers, I used Valentine's day M&M's (red, pink, and White) as "rocks" for the walls of the base cake.

This castle cake was an easy project for a dad with limited cake baking know-how, but it was time consuming to make it right. When my newly-turned 3 year old little princess put her arms around me and said, "Dad, I'm really proud of you. You did a good job on my castle cake." it was ALL WORTH IT!

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