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Character cakes are the ideal kids birthday cake for boy and girls of any age. Every young child has their favorite character and there is nothing more exciting than seeing a cake design that is their very own.

Disney cakes, Sesame Street cakes, Cartoon cakes and Superhero cakes are just an example of the most popular kids birthday cakes requested. If it's not sports cakes for boys or princess cakes for girls ... character cakes are the next best bet for boys AND girls.

Since most store bought birthday cakes can be very limited in cake design and creativity, browse below for our most recent birthday cake submissions from visitors like you! Get creative and have fun!

Submit your birthday cakes or character cakes pictures for others to enjoy and get inspiration.

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iCarly Cake 1


I made this iCarly Cake for son's friend, Katie. She loves iCarly, so he asked me if I could make a birthday cake for her. They thought we were just recreating the logo on a sheet cake, but I thought we could do something a little cooler.

My mom loves making character cakes, so she and I did a little research and decided to make an actual laptop cake. We made two cakes in a rectangular Pyrex dish. When it was cool, we frosted one of the cakes purple (to use as a base for the laptop).

We sliced the other cake in half, creating two thin rectangles. We frosted the thin rectangles with a white base. Then we stuck two bamboo skewers through one, very carefully, to give it some strength to stand up without breaking. This part created an open laptop part of the cake.

I drew the iCarly logo on with colored frosting bags. For the bottom half of the laptop, we used Chicklets for laptop keys. I used black gel icing with a thin tip to make the letters on the keyboard (it was my mom's idea to have "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!" instead of the usual QWERTY keyboard.) I used the same black gel to outline the mouse pad and screen. We centered the keyboard half on top of the purple cake.

We transported the laptop cake to the site of the party before assembling it. When we got there, we anchored the iCarly cake into the keyboard half and purple cake base. It was a little tricky to get the cake to stand the way we wanted, so we added a third skewer to stabilize it.

The birthday girl was thrilled and adored her iCarly birthday cake!

Contributed by Annie Internicola (Kingston, NY)

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Elmo Cake 1


I managed to make this Elmo Cake the night before my son's 2nd birthday party; when I say the night before... I mean 3AM.

I made a 3-layer cake and covered it in cream cheese frosting. For the Elmo head, I traced the Elmo face on the frosting with a bamboo stick (anything sharp will do). I used his Elmo lunch bag for a blueprint. (A friend of mine used an Elmo party napkin as her Elmo cake blueprint, so the birthday cake matched the party decor exactly!)

I then outlined the entire thing in black using one of those handy icing gel tubes you can buy at the grocery store. I then made some homemade royal icing and added red food coloring to it and piped it inside the lines, one dot at a time. I screwed in a cake decorating tip onto the back gel tube and filled in the mouth.

For Elmo's eyes and the nose, I used white chocolate. I melted a few cubes of cubes of white baking chocolate over a bath of boiling water and poured 2 spoonfuls onto wax paper, making sure the shape is round. I then refrigerated the paper with the 2 round shapes until the chocolate was hard. Using the same gel tube, I made the 2 back dots.

I had to improvise for Elmo's nose. So I mixed some red food coloring into the melted white chocolate. I made a round shape with that mixture on wax paper and refrigerated it. For those better prepared, orange food coloring would do.

When the chocolate hardened, I applied the eyes and nose to the face securing them with a little royal frosting.

THE MAGIC: The Elmo cake would not have turned out as well if I didn't have the great idea of re-applying the back gel one last time. After the character cake decorating was complete, I was able to add a few more cake design details that really made the Elmo cake perfect! It really made all the difference in the world.

Contributed by Oana Jackson (St Louis, Mo USA)

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Lightning McQueen Cake 1


This Lightning McQueen cake was made for my nephew. He is in love with the movie Cars, now that he is old enough to really pay attention and get into Disney movies.

My sister-in-law asked him what kind of birthday cake he wanted this past summer and he screamed out "Lightning McQueen!" She told him okay, but what flavor did he want, to which he again responded "Lightning McQueen!"

My sister-in-law is not in any way, shape or form talented with making character cakes so she called me. I just knew I wouldn't be able to cut a cake in the shape of a car without help, so I went to the party store and just my luck I found the cake pan in the shape of none other than Lightning McQueen! I brought the pan home and got right to work.

Once the cake was cooked and cooled, I had the big task ahead of me on how to decorate it to look like Lightning McQueen! I knew plain Jane frosting just wasn't going to do for this special birthday cake, so I looked around for cake decorating ideas and finally settled on using tips and cake decorators to pipe in the frosting for the car and the face itself.

The cake turned out just to cute, and my nephew did the cutest happy dance I have ever seen when I walked into the room carrying his very special Lightning McQueen Birthday cake!

Submitted by Jennifer (Comstock Park, Mi)

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Mickey Mouse Cake 1


This Mickey Mouse cake was prepared on my daughter's ninth birthday. She is very fond of Mickey Mouse, so I thought it was better to express my love and feelings for her by preparing this birthday cake for her.

I purchased a Mickey Mouse cake pan from Amazon. The oven was preheated at 200 degree centigrade for 10 minutes. The eggs along with the sugar and butter was beaten till light and fluffy. The flour and baking powder was sifted and slowly folded into the egg mixture. I added lots of dry fruits to give it a fruity flavor. The mickey mouse cake pan was greased and the the batter was poured into the cake pan.

It took 30 minutes for the cake to bake. I removed it from the oven and allowed it to cool down. Then slowly the cake was removed from the pan.

To prepare the icing, I took icing sugar and butter and mixed it well. Different essences and colors were added to the cream and slowly the mixture was put inside a piping bag so that I could pipe out the face of the Mickey cake neatly.

My daughter and her friends were very excited by seeing the face of Mickey as a cake.

Cake Ingredients:
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup butter
1 tsp baking powder
4 eggs

Icing Ingredients:
250 gm butter
500 gm icing sugar
Chocolate and vanilla essence and edible food colors.

* Always preheat the oven before placing the cake pan in it.
* While adding dry fruits, always dust it with the flour so that it will not sink to the bottom.
* Never open the oven immediately after switching it off.
* Care should be taken to do the icing after the cake has cooled down.
* To make it more nutritious, one can add whole wheat flour, instead of all purpose flour.

Submitted by Surama (Kolkata,India)

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