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Chocolate Layer Cake

Chocolate Layer Cake

Chocolate Layer Cake

Chocolate Layer Cake

To make my Chocolate Layer Cake, I baked 3 separate 9" round chocolate cakes. In order to get them to come out of the pan easier, I greased the pan & also put flour on the bottom

I made a homemade cream cheese icing & stored it in the refrigerator until I was finished making the rest of the chocolate layer cake, which was also a birthday cake.

I bought 1 pound of chocolate baking chips from the candy supply store and melted the chocolate with a tiny bit of bakers wax.

I rolled two small pieces of wax paper out onto the counter. After the chocolate was melted, I made quarter sized pieces by spooning the chocolate onto the wax paper. I then made tiny little "chips" by taking a straw (cut at the one end) and spooning the chocolate onto the wax paper. I tried making them with the spoon, but the chocolate was too large.

I cut the one end of the straw off (at a diagonal) to make a "scoop" with the straw. This worked perfectly because the straw was much smaller than the spoon and it was also easier to work with.

After the chocolate layer cakes were finished baking, I let them cool on cooling racks for approximately 30 minutes. I then took one of the cakes & put it onto a platter and I put about 1/2" of cream cheese icing on top of this.

I then put another cake on top with 1/2" of icing on it as well. I added the final layer of the cake & then placed the chocolate pieces on with small bits of icing to hold them on the top. You can make whatever cake decorations you'd like.

I also added small chocolate pieces around the sides on the cream cheese icing layers. I was afraid at first this cake would be too sweet but it was a perfect combination. I used a bitter-chocolate cake recipe, but you can use your favorite one!

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