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Classy Birthday Cake

by Holly
(Portland, Oregon)

Classy Birthday Cake with Chocolate Shavings

Classy Birthday Cake with Chocolate Shavings

My classy birthday cake was made with two, ten-inch rounds of chocolate chip fudge cake made from scratch with butter cream icing.

I purchased the chocolate Bavarian filling from the cake store, as I knew I was short on time and couldn't produce a high quality cake filling myself on such short notice.

Using a butter cream icing that uses marshmallow creme as a base (cuts down on the sweetness), I piped a ring around the circumference of the first layer, added the filling inside that ring of butter cream, and gently laid the top layer of chocolate chip fudge cake on top.

After that, it was a free for all! Butter cream icing all around.

I'm TERRIBLE at icing the sides of a cake, since I don't have a cake stand for the leverage. So to hide my inadequacies, I bought a block of white chocolate and a block of milk chocolate from the cake decorating store and grated them to make little shavings. (The heat from your hand will melt the chocolate just slightly, and make it easier to get the longer strands of chocolate curls, just keep rotating the chocolate block!)

I mixed all of those white and milk chocolate shavings together, and picked them up in lofty handfuls, pressing them to the sides of the birthday cake. It looked SO professional!

I piped little cake designs on top, and used a name place card to hold a birthday message in the center of the cake! Voila!

The birthday party was a success and I received many compliments for my classy birthday cake!

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