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Dragon Cake

by The Frog Prince & Family

This Dragon Cake was made for my husband's birthday in about an hour and a half from start to finish. I didn't use any special tools, however I did use a few improvisations when it came to the cake recipe and materials.

It was a hit, though! Even our toddler was able to tell that is was a dragon cake, which I had taken as my first good sign.

I started with a simple sheet cake baked at home in a 9x11' pan. Once it cooled, I flipped it out, upside-down, onto a cutting board. Then I cut it straight down with a knife in a rough outline of a coiled dragon, which amounted to a vaguely triangular head on the outside edge of a spiral.

I carved away a little bit more here and there, to further define the shape, then frosted that with a little bit of icing. Then I pressed homemade fondant over it, and used more fondant to sculpt legs, facial features, wings, etc..

Originally, I was going to pre-mix icing dye into the fondant for smoother coloration and then use the end of a straw to imprint scales all over it, but with the time crunch, I had to settle for rubbing on food coloring with my fingers.

Chocolate squares cut into triangles pressed in to make the dragon spines, and is used Cadbury Eggs nestled in an indentation I made in the center.

The original plan called for chocolate dipped pretzel sticks to be the horns, but I didn't have time to pick up any pretzels, so I stuck two birthday candles in to be horns, one to stand in for the candles-for-the-years and one to wish on. I then added two more just because our son wanted to blow out candles, too.

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