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Elmo Cake 1

by Oana Jackson
(St Louis, Mo USA)

Elmo Cake

Elmo Cake

I managed to make this Elmo Cake Ithe night before my son's 2nd birthday party; when I say the night before... I mean 3AM.

I made a 3-layer cake and covered it in cream cheese frosting.

For the Elmo head, I traced the Elmo face on the frosting with a bamboo stick (anything sharp will do).

I used his Elmo lunch bag for a blueprint. (A friend of mine used an Elmo party napkin as her Elmo cake blueprint, so the birthday cake matched the party decor exactly!)

I then outlined the entire thing in black using one of those handy icing gel tubes you can buy at the grocery store.

I then made some homemade royal icing and added red food coloring to it and piped it inside the lines, one dot at a time. I screwed in a cake decorating tip onto the back gel tube and filled in the mouth.

For Elmo's eyes and the nose, I used white chocolate. I melted a few cubes of cubes of white baking chocolate over a bath of boiling water and poured 2 spoonfuls onto wax paper, making sure the shape is round.

I then refrigerated the paper with the 2 round shapes until the chocolate was hard. Using the same gel tube, I made the 2 back dots.

I had to improvise for Elmo's nose. So I mixed some red food coloring into the melted white chocolate. I made a round shape with that mixture on wax paper and refrigerated it.

For those better prepared, orange food coloring would do.

When the chocolate hardened, I applied the eyes and nose to the face securing them with a little royal frosting.

THE MAGIC: The Elmo cake would not have turned out as well if I didn't have the great idea of re-applying the back gel one last time. After the cake decorating was complete, I was able to add a few more cake design details that really made the Elmo cake perfect!

It really made all the difference in the world.

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