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Flower Cakes ~ Designs and Ideas

Flower cakes can be used for many different occasions such as a Mothers Day cake, Easter cake, Springtime party cake or just as a fun flower birthday cake.

As you will see in the cake pictures below, there are many ways to create a flower cake.

Fun cake pan designs and a simple can truly turn a basic birthday cake into an original masterpiece that looks like it was professionally done.

Flower cakes are incredibly easy to make if you have the right.

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Flower Basket Cake
Flower Cake

Basket Cake 1


This flower basket cake is meant to look like spring flowers in a basket. It could also be used as an Easter cake.

I used two 6-inch layer cake pans. It was a white cake with white buttercream frosting tinted various colors to decorate.

The sides of the basket cake were first iced smooth with tan tinted frosting (you could also use chocolate). Over the thin icing, layer I did a standard basketweave design in the sides.

The top of the basket cake was iced with a layer of green icing to resemble grass. This probably could have been better done with a grass tip.

The top is mostly roses, with some pansies. All were done with the rose tip. There are also a few small drop flowers done with a star tip. Leaves were done with the leaf tip.

This was my first flower basket cake. It was time consuming, but not too difficult to make.

Submitted by Sheri (USA)

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Flower Cake 1


I made this Flower Cake for my sister-in-law's birthday in the Spring. She just adores flowers of all kinds and floral patterns on everything.

I got to thinking about a unique cakes that I could make her with flowers on it. I was going to drop it off and her work and surprise her with a creative cake for her birthday. I made 2 simple, round vanilla cakes, one smaller than the other.

I layered them together with frosting in the center,of course, and frosted them up nice. I placed a very pretty pink "A" in the middle as her name is Angie. After getting the "A" to look perfect, I decided to work on the cake flowers.

I made a bunch all around the sides and bottom layer of the flower cake. Working my way up, I started feeling just plain flowers weren't enough, so I filled the centers of the top flowers in with jellies to give them more texture and a better floral design!

My sister-in-law just flipped when she saw the flower cake and she said it was the best Spring Flower Birthday cake she had ever seen or eaten!

Submitted by Jennifer (Comstock Park, Mi)

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