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Halo Cake

I made this Halo video game cakes

for a close friend of mine.

My friend Ryan is obsessed with Halo and plays all the time, as does his older brother and roommate. For his 28th birthday, I decided to make him a Halo cake.

The cake itself was a chocolate cake with Lindt white chocolate truffle butter cream frosting tinted and marbled light blue to reflect the blues on some Halo photos I saw online.

The topper, a replica of Master Chief's helmet, was constructed out of modeling paste in black, army green and yellow and took about a week to dry completely.

If I were to do it again, I would have modeled the helmet around some Styrofoam or something a little less heavy than straight modeling paste, as it took a lot of work to keep the helmet round, as the weight of the top kept settling onto the bottom and creating this very flat oblong shaped bottom. To remedy the "too heavy to fit the fit shape" problem, I actually molded the face portion of the helmet separate from the top portion of the helmet (the hat looking area) and joined the two together with some egg white.

The lettering around the front of the halo cake was made out of left over fondant that I colored steel-grey and hand stenciled and cut out to place onto the cake.

Suffice to say, he loved his Halo game cake, as did all the Halo enthusiasts in the room!

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