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iCarly Cake 1

by Annie Internicola
(Kingston, NY)

iCarly Laptop Cake

iCarly Laptop Cake

I made this iCarly Cake for son's friend, Katie. She loves iCarly, so he asked me if I could make a birthday cake for her.

They thought we were just recreating the logo on a sheet cake, but I thought we could do something a little cooler.

My mom loves making birthday cakes, so she and I did a little research and decided to make an actual laptop cake.

We made two cakes in a rectangular Pyrex dish. When it was cool, we frosted one of the cakes purple (to use as a base for the laptop).

We sliced the other cake in half, creating two thin rectangles. We frosted the thin rectangles with a white base.

We stuck two bamboo skewers through one, very carefully, to give it some strength to stand up without breaking. This part created an open laptop part of the cake.

I drew the iCarly logo on with colored frosting bags. For the bottom half of the laptop, we used Chicklets for laptop keys. I used black gel icing with a thin tip to make the letters on the keyboard (it was my mom's idea to have "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!" instead of the usual QWERTY keyboard.)

I used the same black gel to outline the mouse pad and screen. We centered the keyboard half on top of the purple cake.

We transported the laptop cake to the site of the party before assembling it.

When we got there, we anchored the iCarly cake into the keyboard half and purple cake base. It was a little tricky to get the cake to stand the way we wanted, so we added a third skewer to stabilize it.

The birthday girl was thrilled and adored her iCarly birthday cake!

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