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Lion Cake

by Nette
(Varnville, SC, USA)

Lion Cake

Lion Cake

I made this lion cake for my son's 1st birthday. This was his birthday cake to tear into and eat all by himself.

I baked a single layer round cake pan. I, then took a toothpick and outlined the lions face on the cake.

I used tip #16 and piped stars in a light orange for the bottom part of his face.

Using the same tip, I piped the rest of his face in a medium shade of orange. I left the ear and nose area open for the dark orange and piped the stars into the ear and nose area using tip #16, as well.

Then I used tip #18 for around the edge of the birthday bcake. I made each layer on top of the other to form his mane.

I outlined his ears, nose and drew a mouth on with black icing using tip #3. Still using tip #3, I piped on white whiskers. This was simple to make and everyone loved it!!

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