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Princess cakes are classic birthday cakes for little girls. They're only young once...so having their own doll cake will make their birthday cake a hit for everyone at the party.

Besides Character cakes... Princess cakes are definitely the biggest request from little girls and they are surprisingly very easy to make with a little cake decorating.

Doll cakes are great for those little ones who love Barbie and would light up at the sight of their very own Barbie cake this year.

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How To Make A Princess Cake

Doll Cake 1


I made this doll cake for my daughter's fifth birthday party. It was a Princess party, and all the little girls wore princess dresses to the party. So, of course, the birthday cakes needed to match.

I took a rounded cake mold, the kind you would use to make a soccer ball cake. I baked an ordinary boxed cake recipe, using the excess to make a simple square cake for eating after the Doll Cake was finished. I then took a doll, removed the legs, and buried her up to the waist in the cake.

I used frosting to create a dress that covered the doll and stretched down over the cake, using various cake decorating tools to create different textures at different places on the dress.

I made sure that before cutting the birthday cake, I removed the doll where the girls couldn't see me do it, so there was no shock to seeing the legless doll.

Contributed by Jim (Glendora, CA)

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Princess Cake 1


This is a Princess cake for a 3 years old girl's birthday party.

It is two layers of vanilla pound cake, iced with pink butter cream, and decorated with butter cream pearls. I used pink pearls as a border between the two cake layers.

A good birthday cake decorating tip to smooth the butter cream, is to use a patternless paper towel. I gently placed the paper towel on the cake surface, and gently rubbed to smooth. This is a great way to smooth colored icing, too.

The customized princess cake topper crown was made from gum paste, which was molded and dried around a coffee can to achieve the rounded shape.

The crown was then painted with edible food coloring dust mixed with vodka (alcohol evaporates quickly).

The jewels at the bottom of the cake are also made from gum paste.

One happy little girl will always remember the beautiful princess birthday cake that she got for her 3rd birthday!

Contributed by Paige (Charlotte, NC)

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How To Make A Fairy Cake 1


This Fairy cake was made for my daughter. She originally wanted a princess cake, but decided on a fairy theme for her 4th birthday.

My mother enjoys making my kids birthday cakes with me, so she showed me how to make this fairy cake. We used a giant cupcake pan. We used the cupcake pan to make the toadstool cakes, which was the main thing we used.

The actually fairy cake recipe was a boxed cake mix. It saved a lot of time and tasted just as good.

We were expecting a lot of people at the party, so we made two of them. When the toadstool cakes were cool, we inverted the base, which created the two toadstool shapes.

My daughter wanted the birthday cakes to be pink and purple, so we frosted one with a purple top and pink base and did the reverse for the other one. We sprinkled the tops with pink sugar.

We cut strips of sour Twizzlers and lined four of them up to create a door for each toadstool. We added a row of pastel, flower-shaped sprinkles around the edge of the top of one cake. We put an artificial butterfly and candles on each with four on one cake, and stars on the other.

We made a small toadstool cake too - we baked the top in a small Pyrex baking dishes, since the bottom inside edges of the pan are rounded. The bottom was made in a regular cupcake pan.

I designed a fairy version of my daughter that I used on her invitations. We printed and laminated it, then taped it to a toothpick and stuck it into the smallest fairy cake.

We wrapped a piece of foam core in foil, then covered it with artificial, shiny, green grass to be the base for the three toadstools. It was a big hit!

Submitted by Annie (Kingston, NY)

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