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Spongebob Cake 1
Spongebob Cake 2

Spongebob Cake 1


This cake design was made from scratch using entirely edible items. The first step was to bake a simple 9x13" cake according to the directions on the package; this made up the square body.

For the arms and legs, I used yellow creme filled cakes (like Twinkies). For the Spongebob Squarepants cake legs, I cut a Twinkie in half (shortways) and decorated them with white frosting for the socks and tinted yellow frosting for the top of the legs (Twinkies).

I cut another Twinkie lengthwise to make up the arms. The arms are covered with white frosting tinted yellow, with white frosting for the sleeves.

The shirt portion is plain white frosting and the pants are frosted with chocolate frosting. The shoes are created by a chocolate cake roll (like a Ho-Ho or Swiss Cake Roll), and the belt is simply four pieces of Hershey's chocolate.

The eyes, mouth and tie were created with Air Heads fruit candy by getting it soft enough to thin it out and then cut it in the shape I needed. All other Spongebob birthday cake decorations were drawn on with cake decorating gel.

Submitted by Tammy Grady

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Spongebob Cake 2


I made this Spongebob cake sitting up in the sand with his pet Gary.

For Spongebob's body, I used four Sara Lee pound cakes and stacked them on top of each other. I inserted two dowel rods through them to secure them from falling over. To make his body yellow, I rolled out fondant icing and colored it yellow. I rolled the icing to about 1/2 inch thick and covered the pound cakes, continuing to shape like Spongebob.

For Spongebob's sleeves, I cut a Twinkie in half and covered them with white fondant icing and attached them to the sides with toothpicks. I made two more logs out of yellow fondant for his arms. His eyes were also made out of fondant. I used a cereal straw for his nose and covered it with yellow fondant. I cut out two white squares of fondant and placed them on for his teeth. I cut out a little circle of pink fondant for his tongue. I rolled out two fondant logs for his legs and bent them to look like he has his feet buried in the sand.

For the rest of the cake decorating, vanilla icing was used to decorate the rest of his facial features. I used creamy vanilla icing and colored it brown to decorate his pants. I colored some icing red to decorate his tie.

For Gary's shell, I placed two Twinkies on top of each other and secured them with toothpicks and covered them with pink vanilla icing. Then I rolled out an oval ball of green fondant icing for Gary's mouth and placed two cereal straws into the fondant ball for his eye stalks. I used two donut holes rolled in powdered sugar and placed them on top of the cereal straws with icing for Gary's eyes and drew his pupils on with black icing.

The Spongebob cake sand was made from crushed vanilla wafers and placed around both Spongebob and Gary for the beach look.

Submitted by Samantha (Columbia, TN USA)

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