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Sports cakes tend to be a big hit for boys birthday cakes. Showing off their favorite sports team on their birthday cake is always going to make the day memorable for everyone.

Often times, sports cakes are not just birthday cakes. Football cakes are fun for football game days and gives fans a chance to show their team spirit.

For the Dads out there... a favorite sport or team cake is always a nice surprise for Dad on Father's Day! Especially, when he sees the time and effort that was put in to making a special cake just for him.

We all know that most store bought birthday cakes can be very limited in cake design and creativity. We can help you with that. Browse below for our most recent birthday cake submissions from visitors like you! Get creative and have fun!

Submit your cake pictures for others to enjoy and get inspiration.

Detroit Tigers Cake
Texas Longhorn Cake
Ravens Cake

Detroit Tigers Baseball Cake


Detroit Tigers Cake...Lets Go Tigers!!

My son just loves the Detroit Tigers! The kid lives and breathes Detroit Tigers. Last year for his birthday we took him to a game, and I made him a sheet cake and decorated it all in Tigers Logos and etc.

Well, this year he wanted a "better" Detroit Tigers baseball cake, as he called it. So I went to work to make an amazing birthday cake just for him! I decided I could make a baseball easy enough so I went to work creating a round cake, chocolate of course, as its his favorite.

It turned out just too cute! I decorated it to look like a baseball, and even put the correct Detroit D Logo on the front of the cake. As I sat there looking at it, I knew it needed something more, but wasn't sure what. My husband walked by and said "you know it would be really neat if you could make a baseball hat cake, too." "That's it!"... I thought to myself. So a few hours and a lot of mistakes later, I got the baseball hat cake shaped perfectly and frosted it in bright Detroit Orange!

My husband piped in the hat lines for me as I really know nothing about baseball hats. I then added the Detroit "D" to the front of hat... and wala... I had the most amazing 2 baseball birthday cakes ever.

I added the sports cakes to a piece of cardboard that I had covered in green sheet paper to look like grass. Decorated it all up nice and fancy, wrote a small happy birthday message on the edge of the baseball hat cake, then sat back and watched my child go crazy over his birthday cake this year!

Boy oh boy, I have no clue how I am going to top this next year, but for this year I am one very proud Mama and he is one very happy little boy!

Submitted by Jennifer (Comstock Park, Mi)

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Adriana's Texas Longhorn Birthday Cake


This was a pretty fun Texas Longhorn cake that my wife and I made for my daughter's 18th birthday. At the time, she was senior in high school and would have started attending the University of Texas in the Fall.

The birthday cake itself was pretty simple to make. First we buttered and floured a 20 cm bowl that was lined with greaseproof paper. We creamed the butter with an electric food mixer, until it was soft and added sugar and mixed it all together, until it was fluffy.

Next we added three eggs and vanilla extract into the mixture while beating at the same time. Next we added flour, baking soda and milk and continued to stir. The cake batter started getting a bit thick so we added a little more milk to the mixture.

We intended to make this a marble cake, so in another bowl, we did the same thing except in this bowl we added the chocolate mix so this would be our chocolate bowl.

Once we finished both mixtures we took a spoon and alternated the mixture spoon by spoon until the pan was filled. Then we took a knife and swirled it to get the marble cake affect.

The icing was pretty simple. We made our own vanilla frosting and then used an orange tube to add the Texas logos and such. Overall it took less than an hour to make.

My daughter and her friends were very impressed with her Texas Longhorn birthday cake.

Submitted by Alfred (Austin, TX, USA)

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Ravens Cake 1


I wanted to make some kind of sports cake for my nephew's 13th birthday. He is a huge football fan and his favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens.

I thought it would be neat to create a football helmet cake of his favorite team and decorate it with purple frosting. I had no idea how far it was going to go!

It started with just a simple round cake, but I didn’t think that was going to be enough for everyone to eat, so since one package of cake mix makes two round cakes, I used the other half of the batter to make the 9x13 that the helmet is sitting on. It was thin, since it was only ½ batter, but it was plenty to feed everyone.

The Ravens cake was made by cutting the edges off. When I did it, it almost looked like a rounded letter T.

Next, I frosted the whole thing with chocolate frosting mixed together with black frosting (it was supposed to be black, but for cost and flavor reasons, I mixed it with chocolate frosting).

I used white frosting to make all of the straps and then outlined the Raven with black gel. I used a blueprint of the Raven from a picture that I got off the Internet. I finished it off with a black licorice face mask (not pictured here).

I wonder what next year will bring?

Submitted by Anonymos

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