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Texas Longhorn Cake

by Alfred
(Austin, TX, USA)

Adriana's Texas Longhorn Birthday Cake

Adriana's Texas Longhorn Birthday Cake

This was a pretty fun Texas Longhorn cake that my wife and I made for my daughter's 18th birthday.

At the time, she was senior in high school and would have started attending the University of Texas in the Fall.

The birthday cake itself was pretty simple to make. First we buttered and floured a 20 cm bowl that was lined with greaseproof paper. We creamed the butter with an electric food mixer, until it was soft and added sugar and mixed it all together, until it was fluffy.

Next we added three eggs and vanilla extract into the mixture while beating at the same time. Next we added flour, baking soda and milk and continued to stir.

The cake batter started getting a bit thick so we added a little more milk to the mixture.

We intended to make this a marble cake, so in another bowl, we did the same thing except in this bowl we added the chocolate mix so this would be our chocolate bowl.

Once we finished both mixtures we took a spoon and alternated the mixture spoon by spoon until the pan was filled. Then we took a knife and swirled it to get the marble cake affect.

The icing was pretty simple. We made our own vanilla frosting and then used an orange tube to add the Texas logos and such. Overall it took less than an hour to make.

My daughter and her friends were very impressed with her Texas Longhorn birthday cake.

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