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With all of the unique cakes and themes that we display on our site, there are always some cakes that are in a category all their own.

It is our hope that this category gives you good examples of unique cakes that may give you inspiration and ideas.

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Artist Palette Cake
Paisley Cake
Snowball Cake
Romania Pandispan Cake
Romania Pandispan Cake

Artist Palette Cake 1


This creative cake is an Artist Palette Cake that looks like a paint pallet. I made it for my daughter's 6th birthday to go with the art/painting theme that she wanted.

I started with a quarter sheet cake and trimmed it to look like an artist's pallet, complete with grip.

Then, I frosted the birthday cake with white frosting and added drops of richly colored frosting in basic colors. To get the deep colors, I used gel or paste food coloring instead of liquid. I also used a large tip to make the colors look like they were squeezed out of a tube.

Last, I used ready fondant to sculpt a paint brush to lay on top. I molded the handle around a bamboo skewer so it would hold it's shape. The artist palette cake handle was made from two colors of brown fondant to give it a wood grain look.

Submitted by Anne Wilson (Atascadero, CA, USA)

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Paisley Cake


This Paisley Cake is two 8-inch vanilla pound cakes stacked and coated with a lightly tinted butter cream icing.

Stacking two 8-inch cakes makes a taller, and more creative cake presentation.

It was then decorated with a paisley cake design inspired by a vintage fabric. Designs from the 60s and 70s are excellent inspirations for a paisley cake design, and can be found on vintage clothing and wallpaper.

Using a more casual font, I gave this fun birthdsy cake a more playful and up-to-date look. Allowing the design to continue onto the cake stand gives a more fluid and realistic feel.

The paisley cake design is a simple technique, using only two decorator bags, that gives modern, clean look.

The creative cake was a big hit and made for an original birthday cake design.

Submitted by Amy (Charlotte, NC)

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Snowball Cake


This unique cake is a giant version of a classic snowball cake.

I used a round fill cake pan to create a hollow dome for the cake filling. I used super rich Devil's food cake. It came out really moist and delicious.

The snowball cake is filled with a creme made of shortening, margarine and confectioner's sugar. It was really, really sweet but the shortening gave it a really authentic texture.

I coated the outside of the snowball cake with marshmallow creme (fluff) and covered it with shredded coconut that I dyed pink to match the original cakes. I pressed the coconut into the cake to make sure it was really really covered.

This creative cake came out amazing and looked almost as good as it tasted. It was really neat to cut into the snowball cake and be able to see all the layers.

Everyone who tried my homemade hostess cake said it tasted much better than the original snack cake.

Submitted by Jessica (Riverview, Florida)

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